Free Grocery Delivery

Free Grocery Delivery For Seniors and Homebound Patients

Helping Seniors and Homebound Patients Eat Better at Home

Even at the best of times, the task of grocery shopping can be an exhausting ordeal for elderly or infirm individuals. The effort involved may be downright daunting however, during the blazing summer heat or the howling winter cold; or during times of particular illness, weakness, frailty or poor health.

Unfortunately, the CMC knows many seniors who subsist with a bare minimum of groceries because of the difficulty entailed in schlepping backwards and forwards to the store. Although some stores offer a delivery service, some seniors are unable to afford the delivery fee or do not order enough at one time to meet the store’s requirements for delivery.

Fortunately however, with the CMC’s free grocery delivery program, seniors and homebound patients can make weekly in-store or over-the-phone grocery orders, which the CMC will deliver at no charge, and without a minimum order requirement. Orders may be made at either Hungarian Kosher Supermarket, (847-674-8008), or at Kol Tuv Kosher Foods (773-764-1800).

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