Senior Center

The CMC’s magnificent Chasdei Mordechai Bitton Senior Center provides a warm, inviting and stimulating “home away from home” for seniors. The Center offers a multitude of opportunities for seniors to improve their physical health, fitness and nutrition; to engage in intellectual stimulation and growth; to increase their spiritual fulfillment; to cultivate friendships and to strengthen their emotional well-being.

For questions about Senior Center activities, call the CMC office.

866-MY-RABBI (866-697-2224)

Torah Learning

CMC’s Sheldon (A”H) and Freda Robinson Torah Study Program offers enriching daily Torah classes and guest lectures. All classes are in English, and are suitable for both beginners and more advanced Torah students alike. Class topics include Chumash study, Parsha insights, stories of the Talmud, Chassidic philosophy, Navi study, Jewish mysticism, and much more.

Chavrusa (study partner) and independent Torah learning are fully supported by CMC’s Arnold Loeb Library and conducive learning atmosphere.

Exercise & Fitness

The Center features a large exercise room equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes, recumbent steppers, and multi-functional weight machines. In addition, calisthenic and stretching exercise classes are also held in the bright and spacious “East Room” on the first floor of the Center. Specialized “Rock Steady Boxing” classes are offered specifically for patients with Parkinson’s.

During Senior Center hours, daily classes are offered separately for men and women, as are daily open-gym times. During the Senior Center’s off-hours, the exercise room offers separate open-gym times for adult non-seniors as well.  Click below for a full schedule of all open-gym hours and classes for men and women.

During open-gym hours, personal training and health screenings are available from CMC’s exercise physiologist, Joshua Rich or our female trainer Ewa Mierzejewska.

Hot Lunch

The Center provides a delicious daily hot lunch, freshly prepared on-site. Hot and cold refreshments are available throughout the day.

Intellectual Growth

  • The Center hosts periodic lecture events on topics of special interest to seniors, such as: health and safety; financial well-being; Jewish history and culture; local community interest.
  • The Center offers a computer room for seniors to use email or Zoom, pay bills online, or conduct research. Guidance is available for beginners.
  • Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of the CMC’s Arnold Loeb Library of Torah texts with English translations, history books, stories and insights, laws and traditions, philosophy, culture, biography, and more.

Social Activities, Recreation and Celebration

Board and card games, music performances, Holiday celebrations, and monthly birthday parties are just some of the social and recreational activities offered at the Center.

Creativity and Hands-On Activities

Participants at the center enjoy a terrific range of creative and hands-on activities, including drawing and painting, making various crafts, creative writing and journaling, cooking and baking, and more. Intergenerational activities are always highly anticipated!

Featuring Safety, Comfort and Convenience

The Center features sensor-operated doors, a choice of elevator or stairs, heated outdoors sidewalks, and many more features of safety, comfort and convenience.


CMC provides door-to-door shuttle transportation (including wheelchair-equipped) between the Center and local neighborhoods.