Mezuzah & Tefillin

Mezuzah and Tefillin Sales

The CMC sells high-quality mezuzahs and tefillin at affordable prices, and accepts flexible payment plans. All of our merchandise is produced by highly qualified, certified sofrim (scribes), and every product that we sell is first double-checked by the CMC’s own in-house expert sofer. The CMC stands behind its merchandise: we guarantee repair or replacement for any mezuzah or tefillin sold by the CMC that was later proven to contain an invalidating flaw from the time of sale.

Are you moving homes or just have questions about which doorways require a mezuzah and/or what is the proper way of mounting them? The CMC offers a completely free “mezuzah placement and mounting” service at your home or place of business, no purchase required.

Mezuzah and Tefillin Checking

Every month, the CMC conducts a “mezuzah and tefillin checking” campaign to help people verify the continuing kosher status of their mezuzahs and tefillin, and to perform needed maintenance and repair.

Having one’s mezuzahs and tefillin checked by an expert sofer is critical, because the production of these important religious articles involves a highly-detailed process, whereby just one simple mistake can invalidate the entire result. Another reason for periodic checking is that with the passage of time, even the most kosher mezuzahs and tefillin are subject to the possibility of deterioration that can render them invalid.

For all mezuzah-checking orders, the CMC provides “dismounting” and “remounting” services at your home or place of business, at no additional charge. The CMC also ensures same-day turnaround of all mezuzahs and tefillin that are checked, providing priceless convenience for no additional charge.

Submitting your mezuzah/tefillin checking request ensures that your name will be added to the CMC’s list of orders to be fulfilled during our next monthly checking campaign. Within 30 days of your request submission the CMC will contact you with scheduling information and to discuss all the details of your order.

Mezuzah and Tefillin Loaners

The CMC offers a loaning service for people to borrow mezuzahs or tefillin on a short-term basis. Borrowers put down a security deposit for the cost of each mezuzah or tefillin that they borrow. The full amount of the deposit is refunded to the borrower upon the return of the loan in same condition within 90 days.

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