In-Hospital Patient Services

Hospital and Nursing Home Visitations

CMC provides weekly chaplain visitations

The CMC provides weekly chaplain visitations to Jewish patients at an ever-increasing number of Chicagoland hospitals. In addition, our chaplains are also available on-call at many other area hospitals. Arriving at a time of vulnerability, disorientation and anxiety, the positive impact of such visits is often immense, and enormously appreciated by the patient.

Our chaplains approach these visits with great sensitivity, gently seeking to boost the patient’s spirits with comfort, companionship and good cheer, and providing uplifting opportunities to perform a mitzvah, say a blessing, and offer a prayer.

Free, Kosher Meals for Patients and Their Families

Family and friends can be of such crucial importance

Because the presence of family and friends can be of such crucial importance for the patient, the CMC arranges and sponsors free kosher guest meals to be conveniently and quickly provided to a patient’s visitors, without the need to even leave the hospital room. With the consideration of physical sustenance out of the way, visitors can fully focus their attention on supporting the patient.

Weekly Shabbat Packages for Patients

Shabbat Candles Apply to Hospital Patients Too

Every Thursday or Friday patients are treated to a carefully prepared Shabbat care package, complete with grape juice, challahs, and a thoughtful and heartfelt get-well message. Our chaplains also ensure that electric candles are made available for Jewish patients to safely conduct their own Friday night candle lighting in their hospital rooms.

Bedside Refrigerators

At many hospitals, the CMC can provide a small “desk top” refrigerator for patients who have a special need to keep additional refrigerated food nearby.

Tallit, Tefillin and Siddurim

The CMC recently donated sets of tallit and tefillin to a number of local hospitals. Contact the hospital’s pastoral care office or the CMC if you would like to avail yourself of a tallit, tefillin or siddur while in the hospital.

Donning Tefillin Assistance

Jewish patients and seniors are sometimes prevented by their physical limitations from donning their tefillin independently. The CMC is available to assist such individuals in performing this important daily mitzvah. We visit patients and seniors – and provide assistance with tefillin as needed – in hospitals, nursing homes and private residences.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

At times, family members require a more constant watchful eye for a patient in crisis. The CMC may be contacted to provide personnel for around-the-clock monitoring.

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