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Emergency Medical Alert

Offering a Button May Save a Life

Unfortunately, unforeseeable falls, accidents, mini-strokes and other emergencies are regular occurrences, which can happen without warning, to anyone, and at any time. In particular, the older adult population (65 or older) can be especially vulnerable to accidents and falls.

When struck by such an emergency, reaching a phone to call for help is not always possible. As a result, a fall or accident victim may remain suffering on the floor for hours or even days before being discovered, which greatly increases the risk of causing long-term health problems or even death, G-d forbid.

To help prevent these dreadful outcomes, CMC offers emergency medical alert systems that seniors can wear as a button on a necklace or bracelet. Pressing the button activates an immediate phone connection with an emergency dispatcher, who can send paramedics to the senior immediately. Over the years, the CMC’s emergency alert systems have saved lives on dozens of occasions, and continue to provide scores of seniors and their family members with tremendous peace of mind. Subsidies are available for eligible seniors.

Fall Prevention Program

In light of the high risk of falling and of the threat that this danger poses to the health and independence of older adults, the CMC provides a life-saving program to help seniors prevent falls in the home. Under this program, the CMC assists older adults to go through each room of the home, evaluating potential sources of fall hazards, and formulating a plan to eliminate as many of the risks as possible.

For some homes, safety recommendations can be as simple and easy as clearing away clutter and loose items from floors and stairs, increasing access to good lighting, and moving commonly used items to storage spaces at an easy-to-reach height. For other older adults, obtaining equipment such as the grab bars and railings pictured below has proven to be a life-changing—if not life-saving—decision.

Telephone Reassurance Program

Are You Worried About A Senior Living In The Community?

Seniors and patients living at home alone may often feel lonely, insecure and emotionally vulnerable. The CMC’s telephone reassurance program is a free service that makes regular phone calls to seniors and patients living at home alone, providing them with:

  • a friendly, familiar voice of reassurance and emotional support
  • a safety net in case of unforeseen emergency situations that may otherwise pass undetected
  • reminders and encouragement to take responsibility for daily living necessities
  • healthy social contact with the community
  • guidance and counsel

Donning Tefillin Assistance

Jewish patients and seniors are sometimes prevented by their physical limitations from donning their tefillin independently. The CMC is available to assist such individuals in performing this important daily mitzvah. We visit patients and seniors – and provide assistance with tefillin as needed – in hospitals, nursing homes and private residences.


When an elderly or infirm relative is unable to travel in person to a family simcha, the CMC’s “SimchaVision” program provides the equipment and technology to allow them to participate in the celebration via live visual and audio hook-up. The “SimchaVision” service can be brought to the senior’s home, hospital room, or nursing home facility.

Medical Mobility Gemach

CMC’s “Medical Mobility” Gemach offers seniors and patients free loans of mobility equipment to help them recover from a temporary loss of mobility. Common items loaned by the Gemach include wheelchairs (manual and electric), rollators and walkers (many varieties), and scooters. Loans may be extended for up to two months at a time.

In-Home Torah Classes

For homebound seniors and patients who are stuck at home or in a care facility, the CMC offers Torah-learning, “chavrusa-style,” classes on weekday afternoons. Each class is personalized to the particular Torah-study interests and background level of its participant(s). Subjects may include Chumash, Gemara, Halacha, and Chassidus.

From beginners to advanced Torah scholars, all seniors and patients who are unable to leave their residence will be sure to derive tremendous satisfaction and joy from participating in one (or more) of these classes.

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