Fall Prevention Program

Fall Prevention Program

In light of the high risk of falling and of the threat that this danger poses to the health and independence of older adults, the CMC provides a life-saving program to help seniors prevent falls in the home. Under this program, the CMC assists older adults to go through each room of the home, evaluating potential sources of fall hazards, and formulating a plan to eliminate as many of the risks as possible.

For some homes, safety recommendations can be as simple and easy as clearing away clutter and loose items from floors and stairs, increasing access to good lighting, and moving commonly used items to storage spaces at an easy-to-reach height. For other older adults, obtaining equipment such as the grab bars and railings pictured below has proven to be a life-changing—if not life-saving—decision.

For example, the installation of a simple bed-rail enabled one older adult to overcome his fear of losing his balance when getting up from the bed by himself. Another senior suffered the embarrassment of always needing help to get up from the toilet, until the installation of hand-rails gave her the ability and confidence to accomplish this by herself. A third older adult used to go for days without bathing because she was too afraid of falling or being unable to get up from the bath—until she had a bath rail clamped to the side of her tub and another rail fixed to the shower wall.

These devices are lightweight, unobtrusive, and relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Certainly, compared to the untold months of fall-related incapacitation and misery that these devices can prevent, the relatively minor cost of purchasing these devices may well be one of the very best investments that an older adult can make in their own health, well being and quality of life.

Eligible seniors may be able to receive fall-prevention home equipment for free or at deeply discounted prices. Call the CMC for details.

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