Emergency Medical Alert

Emergency Medical Alert

These buttons actually save seniors’ lives

Emergency medical alert systems save lives, and are highly recommended by doctors, social workers, and everyone in the geriatric field. The button is worn on an inconspicuous and comfortable necklace or bracelet. The system’s technology is such that pushing the button enables the wearer to instantly connect with a live operator, without needing to hold a telephone or even have one nearby. After a few short questions to gather information about the nature of the emergency, the operator quickly dispatches first responders to the site. First responders may be the local 911 units or it may be the Hatzalah ambulance, depending on the choices selected by the client at the time of signing up for the service.

Critical Assistance Under Potentially Life-Threatening Emergency

The CMC is proud to provide this service because over the years, there have been dozens of instances in which seniors whom the CMC helped to obtain an emergency button later successfully used the system to receive timely and critical assistance under potentially life-threatening emergency circumstances.

For example, one senior smelled smoke in her home and found that an electrical fire had started in one of the rooms. The senior quickly pressed the emergency button, whereupon the fire department was dispatched to the home, and the senior was successfully extracted from the dangerous environment.

In a second incident, a senior had just gone out on her porch to enjoy a cup of coffee, when she slipped and fell. Unable to get up unaided, the senior pressed her emergency button, and just a few short minutes later, she was helped up to her feet by the local fire department.

In a third example, a senior gentleman was hanging a picture on the wall at the top of the stairway in his home when he lost his balance and tumbled all the way to the bottom of the stairs. The fall broke his neck, but he managed to press the button on the pendant just before losing consciousness. Unable to elicit a verbal response from the unconscious man, the system operator immediately dispatched the paramedics to his home, and the quick response time was certainly responsible for saving his life.

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