CMC Caring and an Empty Bottle of Ibuprofen Help Save a Life

CMC Caring and an Empty Bottle of Ibuprofen Help Save a Life

What are the odds that an empty bottle of ibuprofen might actually help save someone’s life? Yet, that is exactly the circumstance that recently contributed importantly to saving the life of “KM”, together with the very crucial help of the CMC.

The story began when Rabbi Wolf received an unexpected phone call from KM, who asked if the CMC could please bring a bottle of ibuprofen to his house. Surprised by the unusual request, Rabbi Wolf inquired as to KM’s health, and KM replied that he had a headache and felt like he needed an ibuprofen before going to sleep, but he had just recently finished the last remaining tablets in his bottle.

Concerned about the possibility of a serious health issue, Rabbi Wolf did not simply send someone to KM with a new bottle of ibuprofen. Instead, he dropped everything and quickly made his way over to KM’s residence, in order to see him in person. And sure enough, upon seeing Rabbi Wolf in person, KM admitted experiencing much more than just a regular headache. He was also feeling dizzy, nauseated, and unusually weak and faint.

Losing no time, Rabbi Wolf immediately called Hatzalah (emergency medical service). As a result, KM was rushed to the hospital, where he was found to be hemorrhaging blood from his brain. Thankfully, the condition had not yet progressed too far, and the doctors were able to intervene and operate on KM, thus stabilizing his condition and saving his life.

Upon awakening and understanding what had occurred, KM expressed his profound gratitude to Rabbi Wolf for helping to save his life. “The CMC could have just accepted my request for ibuprofen at face value,” he said. “But instead, you were concerned enough to realize that something much worse may be going on, and your caring was responsible for saving my life.”

“Yes,” replied Rabbi Wolf. “The CMC’s caring definitely helped to save your life – along with an empty bottle of ibuprofen!”