Chicago Mitzvah Campaign, Inc.

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Medicine isn't the only thing that can help you feel better!

Chicago Mitzvah Campaign, Inc.

Beis Heh
Phone Number866­-697-2224

Medicine isn't the only thing that can help you feel better!

Mezuzas and Tefillin Assisting the Elderly

Overcoming Patient Limitations

Many elderly and infirm Jews are prevented by their physical limitations from donning their tefillin independently. The CMC is there to assist such people perform this important daily mitzvah.

We visit individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, and private residences to help them put on tefillin and to offer solicitous words of encouragement.

Citywide Campaigns to inspect Mezuzahs and Teffilin

Mezuzah and tefillin are two of the most complex religious articles in Judaism. The laws of how to make these articles in a kosher manner are multifaceted and extremely detailed. Furthermore, even kosher mezuzahs and tefillin may deteriorate over time, rendering them non-kosher.

Every year the CMC conducts a number of campaigns throughout Chicago land to help people purchase their mezuzahs and tefillin from reliable sources and to have them checked regularly for maintenance.

Thanks to these periodic campaigns and to year-round home visits, countless Chicago land Jews have learned about and participated in these important mitzvahs, some for the very first time.

Discounts and flexible payments available

To make mezuzahs and tefillin affordable, we offer flexible payment plans and assist in every way possible.

In many cases, individuals who were unable to pay for all their mezuzahs at once were given the option of paying off the amount over the course of one year or longer, interest free.

We never ask questions when assistance is requested, and we extend ourselves to help, without ever giving “no” for an answer.

Free home visits to affix Mezuzahs

The laws of affixing mezuzahs are detailed and complex. The CMC provides free home visits for the purpose of ensuring that mezuzahs are affixed properly in the kosher manner.

Mezuzah and Teffilin Loaners

Whether because of moving homes, having their own mezuzahs and tefillin checked for accuracy, or any other reason, the need sometimes arises for people to have quick and temporary access to mezuzahs or tefillin.

The CMC has loaner tefillin and mezuzahs available for people to borrow on a short-term basis, and never charges for this necessary service.

Mezuzah and Teffilin Sales

The CMC also has excellent quality mezuzahs and tefillin available for sale, produced by top qualified scribes. The proceeds of these sales are put towards defraying the enormous cost of our chaplaincy services.