Building Status



$4.3 M of $4.8 M



When completed, the new CMC two-story building will facilitate a great expansion of CMC services for seniors and patients.

The following five services will be directly and tremendously enhanced, thereby also causing other CMC programs to be expanded and upgraded as well.

The new CMC building will house:

A magnificent new CMC Senior Center facility, offering a large atrium, dedicated exercise room with modern equipment, classrooms, computer room and library, and more.

A fabulous, state-of-the-art kitchen that will serve as the cooking and food preparation facility for the new “United Bikur Cholim Kitchen,” comprised of a very exciting new partnership between the CMC and the Chicago Chesed Fund, Sharlene Levinson Bikur Cholim, and Chai Lifeline organizations.

Expanded office and working space for CMC Rabbis and Sofrim.

Private, comfortable counseling rooms for family consultations.

Additional space to comfortably house an expanded transportation hub for dispatch, drivers and vehicles.